Fancy updating your nails? Take a look at our frequently asked questions!

We speak to the very gorgeous Lisa who works in our Manchester Love Beauty Studio!

When did you become a nail technician?

“I started back in 2001!”

How long have you worked for LB?

“I can’t believe it’s been nearly 4 years! I love being here so much, time has flown.”

What do you love about your job?

“I love my job because every day is different, every client is different and every client wants a particular look – I love making them happy! Seeing great big smiles on their faces once my work in finished makes me feel really good about what I do. Getting to know my clients is something I am very passionate about. Being interested in their lives makes the whole experience a really pleasant one for them, and it’s so lovely to see so many returning faces.”

What’s your favourite nail look?

“My favourite Nail look would be more of a natural, short, squared with a nice colour. This is definitely one of the top nail trends for this summer. Long nails are currently not as popular.”

Which type of nail art is the most requested?

” Glitter and diamonds and marbling are the most requested types of nail art. My favourite is marbling – this look is just so chic!”

Do you have an recommendations for caring for nail extensions?

“I would recommend my client to look after their nails by using gloves when cleaning. Also I suggest that they avoid using them to open things like cans. I also recommend that they use  a cuticle oil to reduce build up of excess cuticle.”

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